Vanity, Ignorance and Orthopaedic Work

Now, what does vanity and ignorance have to do with orthopedic work? Dear readers, this short informational note is all about the orthopaedic surgeon houston practice. Orthopaedic work is a specialist medical practice that treats the feet remedially and through surgical work, if and when this becomes necessary, but usually under extreme physical circumstances. But little did the reader know that orthopaedic work also has to do with treatment of the hands.

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So, that is ignorance for you. It is hardly the reader’s fault. Because who would have known. For years most folks would have been led to believe that orthopaedic work was all about addressing the feet. They were right most of the time because that’s what they would have got from their GP anyway. So, anyway, that does not really matter now. Because now you know. Orthopaedic work addresses both the feet and the hands.

Usually in special circumstances when physical extremities have to be corrected and such corrections are only possible through surgery. That’s a lie, actually. That could be construed as misinformation. And when you think about it, this might be the ditching of another misconception. Orthopedics is not just surgery. Remedial work using just the hands, would you believe, can correct physical faults.

Such faults are not just brought about through birth defects but through traumatic accidents as well. And through vanity. How is this possible? Well, it is like this and it is a condition that affects mostly women. Unless, of course, well, maybe you know. To be fashionable, many women have been taught to wear high heels. And some heels are so sharp and high, they call them stiletto heels, they can do real damage to the feet and ankles. But nothing that the orthopedic specialist can’t fix.