A Most Brilliant Informational Bracelet

Most of you reading this will, at some or another time, be wearing a bracelet, but usually for decorative and fashionable, and even for cultural purposes. That is to say that you enjoy the idea of having small trinkets of fine jeweler as part of your d├ęcolletage in helping you to maintain your personal identity. Speaking of which, the wearing of a medical information bracelet is more than just another personal statement.

medical information bracelet

Perhaps, however, you also have recollections of those metal bracelets that people with acute medical conditions were required to wear. Should their conditions flare up, there would be an emergency number that those closest to the victim could dial. Fortunately, such medical emergencies were few and far between. But in the meantime, having to wear such medallions could have come to be seen as having to bear a negative mark.

It was easily visible and people would know that there was something wrong with you. But even so, what harm would that have done. At least they knew and you had a better chance of surviving your medical ordeal. Anyhow, these new bracelets are quite brilliant when you think about it. They are nothing like the medals of old. And they contain more than enough storage space to include your entire medical history.

You may be wondering just how it is possible to include so much about yourself, your past, in a small, weightless instrument that simply gets wrapped around your wrist. Glad that you asked. What happens is this. All medical information is software-embedded. There is a chip stored away in the bracelet. And in times of emergency, the good Samaritan, and subsequently, the medical examiner is able to access your files if you will. And then of course, there is a better than even chance of you pulling through.